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About Kathryn Holzheimer

Kathryn Holzheimer creates art that brings peace, contentment, balance and enjoyment to the viewer. Her art draws the viewer into the canvas, to find something new each day that harmonizes the wonders of the world with the viewer’s unique thoughts of the moment.

Kathryn grew up in a family of artists and began creating art at an early age. After schooling, she applied her talents to the field of interior design to create residential and commercial spaces that enhance the lives of the people who live, work and visit the spaces. Kathryn became an internationally renown interior designer (see, before turning her attention to focus exclusively on creating art work for those spaces.

Today, Kathryn creates unique paintings using acrylic paints and brushless paint techniques that she has developed. Her acrylic paints provide a rich and infinitely varied medium, and Kathryn works with dried plants and other brushless tools she has discovered to create works that combine color with texture and light to reflect the beauty and spirit of landscapes and other subjects.

Kathryn spends her time in the rolling hills of the Midwest and has spent many seasons in the dramatic features of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Her landscapes are heavily influenced by the simplicity of horizontal lines in those environments. Instead of painting those scenes realistically, Kathryn creates abstract impressions that pull the viewer into the scene and cause the viewer to explore and interpret. Holzheimer’s other subjects continue her abstract impressions, often mixed with fantasy and whimsy. Kathryn not only creates art, but she also teaches art and brushless painting techniques through college workshops, small groups and private lessons.  Please click here to contact Kathryn about art classes.

Kathryn’s works are displayed in juried art shows and in galleries throughout the country. Kathryn’s art is available for purchase by interior designers as well as private collectors, and she accepts consignments to create paintings to enhance and complete designs for specific residential and commercial spaces.  Most of her art can be recreated, but ultimately each work is an individual piece.  Click here to contact Kathryn regarding a recreation or inquiries.

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